All about our products

On this page you will find information about products carried by Leilani Lingerie and bras in general.

What brands do you carry?

We offer the following brands: our own brand Leilani Lingerie, Aima Dora, Honeydew Intimates, Lulalu, Magic Bodyfashion, Timpa, Voda Swim and Fourth Element.

Where are your bras produced?

The styles of Lula Lu Petites are produced in Thailand, the ones by Honeydew and Timpa in China. Aima Dora style are made in Mauritius. The Voda Swim bathing suits are produced in the U.S. Our brand Leilani Lingerie is ethically produced in Europe.

How do I use and clean the reusable adhesive products by Magic Bodyfashion?

These products use non-toxic surgical glue to adhere to your skin. We therefore recommend not to wear any body oil or lotion before you put the Magic products on. After use wash the items with warm water and soap and have them air dry before putting them back in the container.

How many bras should I have?

There is no correct number of bras to have. Since a bra should rest for a short time after being worn (so the elastic can readjust), we recommend to have at least 2 everyday bras. A strapless bra, racer back or a pretty lace style complement your selection beautifully.

How long should my bra last?

The lifespan of a bra depends on how often you wear it and how you wash it. If you do not wear a particular bra frequently, it could last years. But keep in mind that your bra size can change over time.

Why are most of your t-shirt bra's only available in Nude and not White?

Nude bra are often close to someone's skin tone and are virtually invisible under light or white clothes.

Is there are bra that fits everyone?

Because every woman is built differently, there is unfortunately no one perfect bra that fit everyone. We recommend to try different styles and then decide which suit you best.