How to find your bra size

The bra size is composed of two dimensions: the band size and the cup size.

• The band size is measured numerically e.g. 70, 75, 80 etc. and refers to the size of the rib cage.
• The cup size is measured alphabetically e.g. A, AA, AAA etc. and refers to the size of the breasts in relation to the rib cage.

Please note that the breast size cannot be determined by the cup size alone as it is affected by the band size.

Determine Your Band Size

In a first step you'll determine your bra size

by measuring your underbust

• Wear an unpadded or lightly lined bra.
• Place the tape measure at your bra's band level and measure around your chest.
• Measure while breathing normally and rather during exhalation than inhalation.
• If someone helps you measure, let your arms hang freely so as not to falsify the measurement.

Underbust size in cm

Band size

63-67 65
68-72 70
73-77 75
78-82 80
83-87 85

The bra band size refers to the underbust measurement and is indicated by steps of 5cm (e.g. 70, 75, 80). Therefore, round the number you just measured up or down to the nearest 5cm.
For example, if you measured 77cm, your bra band would be 75.

Determine Your Cup Size

Next, determine your cup size by measuring your bust

• Place the tape measure horizontally at the fullest part of your bust (usually slightly above the nipple) and measure around your body.
• The tape runs snug but not tight around your body.
• Make sure the tape measure didn't slide up or down in the back.

The cup size derives from the difference between your underbust and bust measurements:

The cup size is shown in relation the the band size. Therefore, subtract the number you first measured (underbust) from the number you just measured (bust).

Example: Your bust measurement is 92, your underbust measurement 81, the difference is 11cm. You would choose a 80 band and a 80AA bra.

Bust-Underbrust size in cm

Cup size

9 or smaller AAA
11 AA
13 A
15 B

Find your underbust measurement and the corresponding band size

Look for the number of your bust measurement on the same line as your band size and read your cup size.



Band sizeAAAAAA
58-62 60 62-71 69-73 71-75
63-67 65 67-76 74-78 76-80
68-72 70 72-81 79-83 81-85
73-77 75 77-86 84-88 86-90
78-82 80 82-91 89-93 91-95
83-87 85 87-91 94-98 96-100

Finding the correct cup size using a chart is very difficult. The right size depends not only on a number but also on the shape and position of your breasts and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We recommend you to take the determined bra size as a starting point and try on different bra styles to see what fits you best.

If you are not sure whether your bra fits you well, have a look at our Bra Fit Tips to see how a bra is supposed to fit.
We know how difficult it is to find a well-fitting bra. We have made it our goal to support you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Would you like to book a personal bra fitting? Please book an appointment here.