Answers to all your fit questions

How do I find my correct bra size?

Our page "Determine your Bra Size"helps you find your right size. Have a look at our Fit Tips to see if yor current bra has a good fit. The best way to see if you're wearing the correct size is a bra fitting. We offer fittings over the phone and personal fittings in our showroom in Basel. 

I've never been to a bra fitting. What can I expect?

A bra fitting is a personal consultation. We'll assist you in finding a bra that fits your body and your individual style. We'll start by asking you a couple of questions to find out what exactly you are looking for. We'll then determine your bra size by measuring your band and cup size. Bra fittings are free of charge.

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Can my bra change change and vary?

Yes, our bodies and our breasts change repeatedly over time through various events (such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and weight changes) . We therefore recommend to get fitted before buying new bras.

Why do I sometimes have to buy different bra sizes?

Because each bra is cut differently, consists of different materials and is produced by different manufacturers, no two models are exactly the same. That's why it's likely you fit different bras in different sizes.

What bra style works best for small breasts?

Since every woman is built differently there is no perfect bra style that fits every woman with a small busts. We encourage you to try different styles to determine which styles suit your body best.

On what setting should I wear the hook and eye closure of my bra?

We recommend wearing your new bra on the outermost hook and eye. This way you can move to the next setting once your bra stretches with time. If you have to close a new bra at the innermost hook, we recommend a smaller band size.

My bra straps always slip off my shoulders. Is there a solution?

Racerback bras have straps that form an "X" in the back, which prevents the straps from slipping  If you wear a bra with parallel straps, the Magic Clips transform your regular bra into an X-back.

The underwire cuts into my tissue.

The underwire should enclose your whole breast. If the underwire cuts into your breast tissue, it usually means the cups are too small.

One of my breasts is bigger than the other. What size do I choose?

Most women have a bigger and a smaller breast. We recommend choosing the cup size of the larger breast and tighten the bra strap on the smaller side a little bit more. If there is quite a bit of size difference between the two breasts, we recommend trying on a bra with removable cookies and then taking out the cookie on the bigger side and putting it on the smaller side.

My bra cup gaps. Do I wear the wrong size?

If you don't fill out your bra cup, it will result in gaping. We recommend trying a smaller cup size.

My bra cups fit but the band is too tight. How do I find the right size?

If your cups fit but the band is too tight, we recommend a wider bra band and smaller cups. As an example, lets start with a 70A bra. For a better fit, you would try a 75AA.

My bra cups fit but the band is too wide. How do I find the right size?

If your cups fit but the band is too lose, we recommend a smaller band and bigger cups. As an example, let's start with a 80AA bra. Try a 75A for a better fit.

We know how difficult to find a bra that fits well, so please visit our Fit Tips for more bra fitting answers. Please free to contact us at 056 536 83 33 with any questions you may have.