Leilani Lingerie - AA & AAA cup bras and petite lingerie

Leilani Lingerie specializes in bras and lingerie for petite women ranging from bra sizes 70AAA-85AAA, 70AA-85AA and 70A-85A. Leilani means "heavenly necklace of flowers" and describes our beautiful lingerie, which - like a flower necklace - compliments you and your petite bust.

We offer exquisite collections of international manufacturers who specialize in small cup bras. And, we design our own line called "Leilani Lingerie Petite Collection", which is designed especially for small busts and available in AA & AAA cup sizes.

To feel comfortable and confident in your bra, the correct size and style are essential. To assist you in choosing the perfect bra for you, we offer bra fittings over the phone and personal bra fittings in our showroom in Basel.

About me: My name is Mirjam Christen and I am the owner of Leilani Lingerie. During my 6-year long stay in California I had the pleasure to work as a bra fitter and assistant store manager. This is where I discovered my passion for lingerie and the dream of opening my own store for petite lingerie was born!

It is important to us to not only offer beautiful lingerie but also excellent customer service.

We wish you fun exploring our website.


Mirjam Christen (Owner of Leilani Lingerie)